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Who is the Midwest BearPack?

The Midwest Bearpack is the longest-running existing Bear club in Indiana. Since it's inception in 1996 it has provided it's members and friends with activities and events that are safe, fun and engaging. While our home is in Indianapolis, our members can be found in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan. However, we also have members in Florida and Hawaii, so you'll never know where you'll run into one us!

We are a diverse and expanding group, always friendly and willing to try new and different things. We are not a "bar" club, though we can be found doing events there from time-to-time. We can also be found doing picnics, dinners, cookouts, movie nights, poker nights, casino trips, and we even some campouts in the works. So, check us out! We are certain our laid-back friendly style will show you have a home with the Midwest Bearpack.


Can I join?
If you are at least 21 years of age the answer is yes.  For legal reasons we must exclude those under 21 years of age.


May I attend meetings before I join?
Yes, anyone may attend our monthly meetings, and the vast majority of our events.  While membership gives you many privileges (such as a vote, or the ability to serve on committees), we do not require membership to attend most of our functions


I live X miles away, may I join?
Sure, we have no restrictions on location to become a member, we  have members from all over the United States, though the majority  are from Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.


Do you have an initiation?
The Board of the Midwest Bearpack reviews all membership applications.  However there is no initiation.


What are the costs?
Membership is $10, for an individual the first year, and $10 a year afterwards.   Membership tshirts are an extra cost.


Can I be an Officer?
The By-Laws of the Midwest BearPack state that elections are held every January.  Potential officers must have attended at least half of the meetings in the prior year, and must be a member for at least 18 months.




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